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An Amazon Echo With A Display To Release In May

Amazon’s Echo is a useful device, and according to recently sources, a versatile version equipped with a screen of Echo may be launching next month. The device will be internally codenamed “Knight”. Early reports claims that the Knight will feature a 7-inch touchscreen, that makes it able to show a full range of content if Echo owners want to use it for that purpose. As for some industry analysts, there will be an Echo variant with both a screen and a camera, following up on the new Echo Look.

The images of a screen-equipped Amazon Echo are already appeared in the context of home monitoring and online shopping, but its potential applications did not just stop there. Users will be able to use a screen on Echo to show pictures of objects from the internet, video chatting, or display media content. Besides, the implementation would be similar to the existing Amazon devices such as Amazon’s Fire Tablet family that supports the Alexa artificial intelligence (AI) and have screens. These additional information about queries will be displayed on your screens and there will also have options to help decrease the misunderstood commands.

Amazon has recently been working on expanding the Echo ecosystem and capabilities but the company has to face the severe competition from Google when they just unveiled the new multi-user functionality for Google Home. However, Amazon is reportedly working harder to shorten the launch date of its new products to compete with Google, previous reports have indicated. An Amazon Echo with a screen would help Amazon overcome Google in the smart assistant entrenchment race, though a wide range of devices from tablets to TV sticks are using their assistants available on. While the company truly ends up releasing a new version of the Echo with a display panel, an update might follow shortly.

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