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Canary 1 Build of Android Studio Now Supports Kotlin

At the Google I/O event yesterday, according to an announcement, Google would be bring the support for Kotlin to Android. For those who don’t know, Kotlin is designed as a programming language and it is easier to use than other apps due to setting up the syntax. Moreover, but it is also introduced into existing products so the transition to Kotlin can be perfectly smooth. The support for the language would be integrated in Android Studio 3.0.

The support for Kotlin isn’t the only thing in the update, there are also three major features that have been added to Android Studio 3.0. The first one is a new set of application performance profiling tools, so developers can easily diagnose any performance issues in their applications. Then it is the support for the Kotlin programming language first announced yesterday at the Google I/O event.

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The third big feature that will be included Android Studio 3.0 is the improvements of Gradle build speeds for the larger application projects you may be working on. While these are the three outstanding features, the new Canary build of Android Studio also comes with some more changes that developers can make use of. This includes the support for APIs and Java 8 language features, a new Adaptive Launcher Icon wizard, and the additional enhancements to the Layout Editor.

The update now allows adding custom fonts to the application with the XML fonts preview and font selection tools. A new set of templates in the New Project wizard and the New Module wizard for Android Things, and the IntelliJ 2017.1 are also included. Moreover, there are a lot of other changes added in this canary build and you can download and try it at the link from here.

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