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Check out how to sell your Nintendo Switch game cards


The resale market of eBay is pretty popular for Switch games, so give it a try. Even though you won’t get back total price for your used games, you’ll get approximately 80% return on the most famous titles, such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. You need to take care of packaging and shipping, however you can choose the cost of your item and decide whether to include the cost of shipping in the sale or not. Despite the fact that this is not the simplest way, it’s probably the most economically efficient to trade your Switch games.


Taking your Nintendo Switch games to a game stop for store credit is another convenient way to sell them. GameStop is the most popular game shop which provides a number of good deals on top titles. You are able to earn additional trade credits for definite games, have extra savings on new games, etc. Though the price won’t be as profitable as selling your game cards on eBay, it’s much more convenient than taking responsible for packaging and shipping games. If there are some GameShops near you, you’d better go to see them.

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Amazon offers an amazing feature which gives you permission to sell electronic goods, DVDs, Books and video games bought from its site. What you need to do is to open your trade-in store to check whether the items are qualified and choose them. After that, you are able to print shipping labels and send them to Amazon and you will receive a gift card in return. Whereas the value of some games is fairly low, that of others can reach to 40 or 50%.


Glyde can help you resell your online video game. It’s the same as eBay, however, it concentrates on electronics. You can search for items which are already being sold and set your price. Glype provides you with the packaging materials and a shipping label which is pre-paid in advance. What you need to do is to bring it to the post office.

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