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Convert Data Into GIFs With Google Data GIF Maker 

To help users with their data representation easier, Google has recently launched a data visualization tool, known as Data GIF Maker.

The tool allows users to put any data and display it in the form of animated GIFs so that other people can interpret and get rid of the boringness when looking at them. The tool is  easy to use. Although Google specifically emphasized about journalists, anyone who likes this tool can still use it easily. For the start, you simply visit the Data GIF Maker website and put in two data points along with texts. After that, you choose colors and a text to explain for the data. Once all these steps have been done, just click on “Launch Comparisons” button. There will have two options: the preview or “Download as GIF” button for you to choose. You can then download it in low or high resolution. However, you should note that the process would take some time before the preview appears in the browser, especially when you have made multiple comparisons. The tool supports maximum five comparisons at a point of time.

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Although the Data GIF Maker tool is free to use, you should mention that that it is just a basic data visualization tool. It does not provide too much customization as well as advanced options like Google Data Studio unveiled last year. The GIF Maker only supports two data points, so if you have a complex data or more than two data points, this tool will be invalid. Similarly, there is also one way of data visualization showing the two data points as columns. However, we can expect that Google will roll out some more features for the tool in the future. To check out the tool and create your own data GIFs you can find the source link in Google.

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