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Face Swap App Launched For Android Devices

A new app, called Face Swap, has just been released by Microsoft for Android platform. According to its name, the app will let you swap your face with others and then you can check how you look like with a completely different haircut, or a body. Although it’s not a new idea, because there are already many few face-swapping apps so far, it’s a fun app that can keep you entertained in your leisure time.

However, do you know how it works? It’s very simple. First, you just take a selfie and select an image you like to swap faces. You can from your gallery, get it online integrated in the app, or choose a scene from the categories listed in Face Swap.

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Microsoft says that the app is controlled a sophisticated face swap engine, which would make the image look more naturally. Furthermore, you can also match skin tones, head turns and tilts, and more with the app. Moreover, the app is capable of finding faces in images exactly and then placing your swap or multiple faces into a single scene automatically.

Although Face Swap is now available for Android devices, it only appears in a few markets, including the US, Australia, and Canada. However, Microsoft is intending to expand the app to India in the next week. If the app achieves a big success, the company will probably roll out it in other markets around the world. However, there is no info on when exactly Microsoft will do that.

For now, those of you who are interested in this app, can visit the Google Play Store and download it to your device to enjoy the new feature.

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