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Google Home Ad Allows Showing It Off to Friend

The latest update of the Google Home ad allows showing it off to your friends when they are away. A majority of consumers own a Google Home or a similar product offering the same types of features will have a high chance of showing off this new piece of tech in the first priorities. This will make the new ad more accurate relating to what consumers are doing with their speakers.

There are tons of interactions outside that all the best stuff will be showing to your friends. However, to get the maximum experience, you’d better introduce a friend who also has the passion with technology to your latest gadget, especially when that gadget can do things for you around the house. The hands-free feature is also cool enough to bring the excitement from other consumers though it’s completing a difficult task. Moreover, the short interactions could be able to turn a potential customer into a customer who has recently had their own unit.

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The new ad includes a new series of videos that Google will be uploading on its YouTube channel and it seems that the first ad popped up about four hours ago while the second ad with the title “Google Home: Celebrity” appeared two hours previously. It’s possible that Google Home is targeting to the celebrities with personal assistants as Google Home can do stuff for them and they can get the works done without needing to lift any finger. Although it is unclear if Google will continue expanding on the new Google Home ads with more videos in the similar style, if the company has plans to do so, the videos will appear on its official YouTube channel standing with the others.

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