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Google Home’s Updated Supports For Multiple Users

Google Home has recently rolled out a new update that supports multiple users. Now it allows six unique Google accounts to register into a single Google Home unit, along with their respective voice models. The multi-user integration is smooth, which means that from now you do not have to “log in” to the Google Home. You just speak your requirements after setting up the profile and voice model, and Google Home will then apply the action once recognizing your voice. Although setting up multiple users requires you to download the Google Home app on the smartphone, the steps are similar to setting up a single user. You just need to link to the Google Home unit, and then set up your voice model and preferences.

However, you should ensure that your smartphone is in the same network with the Google Home unit so that you can set up it successfully in your home. After you open the app, you will see a card inform that supporting for multiple users is now available. Only give it a tap, and you’ll be taken to set up your voice model and preferences. In case you don’t see that button, you can tap the icon at the top showing all of your connected devices. You can tap on your Google Home in the menu, which allows you to start getting everything set up for your own profile on the Google Home in question if the latest version of the Google Home app is already installed on your smartphone.

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To boast the new functionality, Google made an advertisement that shows sharing a single Google Home unit of a family just by speaking their respective commands. The Google Home unit will then get the right user by confirming them by name, other relevant information. This functionality has been available for the works for some time, because the last version of the Google Home app showed references to multiple users in the app’s code.

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