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Google Releases Blockly 1.0 For Android

Google has officially released the Blockly 1.0 for both Android and iOS platforms. It is a significant update for creating block visual programming, which was first launched five years ago. Its original purpose is making it easier for developers to code when it provide drag and drop editor. With this update, developers can now use Blockly natively on Android and iOS to create videos for their mobile apps.

To get started, you will see the Blockly UI on your mobile device. There will be custom blocks, layouts, and toolbox categories coming with extensions, functions, and variables,. Blockly 1.0 even supports for internationalization including Right-to-Left (RTL) languages. The default code generator is possible to generate code in PHP, Python, JavaScript, programming languages but the third-party code generators can also support other languages. Although the main target is the mobile platform, there are still a lot of changes for the web version. They are the improved support for Internet Explorer (IE) and Windows 10’s Edge browser. Besides, there are also more APIs and improvements for the touch support along with performance. Google has also added improvements to the cross-platform development where devs can use JSON to define all blocks. That means they can now use the block definition across Android, and iOS platforms and web browser instead of having to use it individually.

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If you are interested in Blockly 1.0, you can do straight away. Google has also introduced iOS Codelab which is learning materials and code samples for devs in order to use Blockly on iOS. A similar class for Android will be released soon but the time frame is not clear. Although Blockly targets to encourage kids to get a fun via making codes, it has also been used for various significant projects such as Scratch Blocks,, and MIT App Inventor.

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