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Google Rumored to Add An Ad-Blocker into Chrome

According to a report, Google is planning to add a native ad blocker into Google Chrome browser. Although adding this feature will definitely affect the company’s ad revenue, it absolutely brings a better experience for users.

Google’s intends to roll out the ad-blocking feature for both its desktop as well as mobile versions, which means that users on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac would be able to get it. If Google end up introducing the plan, we should expect a formal announcement in the coming weeks. However, there is not anything confirmed, so it is possible that the plan is removed at the last minute.

As for the definition from Coalition for Better Ads, Ads blocked by default will be the one, which includes auto-playing sound video ads, pop-ups, and especially prestitial ads displayed to sites user access before the Home page is opened. The ads shown by Google are unlike others, so the ad-blocker in Chrome will mainly affect to third-party advertisers. It’s said that Google can design the feature to block out all ads on a particular website if it detects that there is even a single ad causing a bad experience. Thus, the duty for the site owner will have to ensure that there are no sub-par ads used on the site.

Google is also hoping to stop the growth of third-party ad blockers app that have just increased popularly in recent times. Chrome is the most popular browser on both desktop and smartphones, so the rollout of an ad-blocker can potentially cause the death of many third-party ad blockers and advertisers. Google gained over $60 billion in revenue from ads in 2016, so whatever steps the company takes, it will not affect to its primary source of revenue.

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