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Hangouts SMS Features Discontinues Today

Today Hangouts SMS features will discontinue for those who were still using Hangouts to send text messages. Although the details on discontinuing the use of Hangouts for SMS features had already been forthcoming, that announcement earlier this year could be forgotten if you should not note in your mind as important. If you are a Hangouts user and using it for texting messages, you’ll have to move to the alternatives messages platform that are available on the Play Store in case you like using third-party message app  replacing for the stock SMS app on your device.

However, this will not affect Project Fi customers and they can still use Hangouts for texting SMS if they want, and it’s possible that many of them will be able to combine SMS into another app used for chat. In addition to Project Fi, any current Google Voice users can still use Hangouts for SMS messages.

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Removing the SMS features of Hangouts will make it far from an inclusive messaging app that could ban both texts and chat. However, with the launch of Allo last year, it brought things back into having separate apps for different purposes.

Of course, if Hangouts is not your primary choice to chat with friends and family, so this change will not affect you too much. Although it’s unclear whether Google decides to use another service for integrating both chat and text message in the future, Google hasn’t announced that they have any plans at this point. Therefore, at least for the time being, the chat and text on the Google side of the fence will continue to remain independently. Android is an open source so there are tons of options available that can meet your requirement for this purpose.

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