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Improvements for Google Translate, Gboard Indian language

Google has recently launched a new range of products and features to serve better for Indian internet users who are not fluent in English.

Google Translate can now translate more accurately and easily to understand, especially for full sentences, thanks to a new Neural Machine Translation technology added for translations between English and nine widely used Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, and Kannada. You can now grab the new feature by accessing to Google Translate app at the address:

According to the company, the new translation is much better than its old system, when it can now translate full sentences at a time, instead of previously pieces of a sentence. It takes advantages of the broader context to help it find out the most relevant translation, it will then adjust to be nearly similar to a human speaking with the correct grammar.

Besides, Google has also added 11 new languages to the list of the existing Indian languages supported by Gboard. This update brings to a new text-editing tool that makes it easier for selecting, copying, and pasting, along with new options for repositioning the keyboard to fit with your hand as well as texting style.

Gboard has complete functions of the Google Keyboard and even plus Google Search built in. You can now use Google Translate right in your Gborad, offering auto-correction and prediction in these new languages, which allows you to spell words phonetically by using the QWERTY alphabet.

Today Google also announced that the company would add translations to local reviews on Google Maps soon for both on mobile and desktop version. In the future, when you open Google Maps, and you’ll see both the original language as well as the additional language you’ve set on your device in the Reviews tab.

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