JVC’s New Bluetooth Headphones Released, Starting Price at $49.50

Great news for all JVC headphone fan! JVC has recently introduced a number of new Bluetooth headphone options, which are designed for each of the subsections of the headphone market. Now, if you are looking for a new pair of earphones, on-ear headphones, sports-focused headphones, or noise canceling headphones, then JVC can meet all your requirements. JVC has unveiled the new models as well as pricing, though, detailed information about the specs and general availability have not yet announced.

First is the JVC Bluetooth headphone (HA-FX39BT). These come in a neckband style, are equipped with a mic and a remote, and will go on sale with a number of colored options at the price tag of $49.95. If you are looking for a sports-oriented headphones, JVC actually has two new options for you, named the HA-ET50BT and the HA-EC30BT. The main difference between them is that the HA-ET50BT is in-ear earphone kind while the HA-EC30BT is designed as an ear clip design. Of course, both models come with a mic, a magnetic clasp a remote and waterproof. In the price department, the HA-EC30BT has the cheapest option at $59.95, while the in-ear variant will be available at $79.95. For the noise canceling set of headphones, the HA-S90BN Bluetooth headphones will be priced at $149.95 and offer a 24-hour usage with only Bluetooth in use. If you activate the noise cancellation feature (as well as Bluetooth), the usage time will drop down to 20 hours between charges. Although these are Bluetooth-enabled headphones, they also come with a cord for use in a non-Bluetooth mode.

If none of the above make you interested in, you should pick up a standard pair of on-ear headphones, and the JVC HA-S190BT will be the best choice for you. These are targeting to affordable headphone class, and you can grab them for just $49.95. There are five color options for you to choose and the headphones also come equipped a mic, a remote, and a compact design that allows you to fold your headphones  for easier storage.

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