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Niantic Releases New Ban On Pokémon GO Bots Flies 

Niantic has recently launched a new method to punish cheated users in Pokémon GO. With this new one, players will not be able to tell anymore that they have been affected. The new method will name ‘shadow ban’ and reportedly started coming in Saturday. However, it will probably be affecting bot accounts as they have continued to grow larger and more popular, which made Niantic have to create an automated banning system in order to bring the Pokémon GO back to its original fairness. The punished account won’t stop working suddenly, instead, the ban tool will restrict catching anything that isn’t common as players continue catching common Pokémon such as Rattata’s or Pidgey’s.

This new tactic only targets to illicit bot accounts. GPS manipulation is something that requires for Pokémon GO and the shadow ban will not able to reach those users. However, Niantic will now target further to users who use GPS manipulation stretch this ban. The company has also mentioned that it will look to tackle it.

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Although it’s still unclear about which accounts are not legitimate, this new ban method is estimated as a very smart move. It lets users know that they can still keep the game on a fair playing field, though not every bot account is being flagged up. Many of the existing bot account users will probably only create new ones so that they can bypass the rules set out by Niantic for its users. Pokémon GO needs players to get up and move in order to catch Pokémon staying in the local or surrounding area. It not only is a fun real-time game, but also helps promote fitness, because a major part of the game is to walk to a certain distances in order to hatch eggs possibly containing rare Pokémon. However, bot accounts avoid something, and Niantic wants to ensure that players abide by this standard.

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