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NVIDIA Bring Android O To The SHIELD Android TV

During Google I/O 2017 event, Google introduced the second beta version of Android O, which is now available to download on a number of Nexus and Pixel devices, even including the Nexus Player. According to the announcement,  the Nexus Player will be the device receiving  the most significant of changes with this latest Android update. The Developer Preview 2 of Android O will also bring  a new interface for Android TV, but the Nexus Player is no longer the most widely-used device and this area likely now is being hold by the NVIDIA SHIELD. So if you are having an NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV (2015 or 2017) and want to know when Android O will be available for your TV, the answer is that NVIDIA is working on it.

Ali Kani, NVIDIA’s General Manager of SHIELD, has confirmed that the company is working hard in order to get Android O update for the NVIDIA SHIELD. Specifically, he also notes that NVIDIA is adding more exciting new features into the Android O for SHIELD TV. Although he does not provide any details on when the SHIELD will be able to recive Android O, Kani notes that NVIDIA is “eager to deliver” these features to its SHIELD customers.

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As we said earlier, this new update version will accompany with an improved user interface. This will be a new style that looks to promote some apps and content with the assumption being content and apps. However, it seems other features are being pushed into the background a little to make some apps more impressive. So Google hopes that it will be what an Android TV user wants to see, though it seem that there are not much content that will be as available as it was.

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