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Qualcomm Announces Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging Tech

Qualcomm finally released the new technology that allows electric cars to charge while driving earlier today. The new charging tech that showed the Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging (DEVC), has the ability to charge an electric vehicle up to 20 kilowatts when driving the vehicle at high speeds. If the technology is passed through, it will be applied on stretches of highways and the electric car owners will never have to park their car at the charging station.

DEVC technology based on another system is created by the California-based semiconductor company. Qualcomm built a 100km road in Satory and used two electric-powered Renault Kangoos to show off the new technology. The demonstration showed that the cars could be charged when driving on the track. Two cars were also able to charge at the same time and also pick up charge when coming back, which might change the potential technology in real-world scenarios.

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The project has previously been leaked, which is known as FABRIC that represents for the complicated Feasibility analysis and development of on-road charging solutions for future electric vehicles. In addition, the majority of the fee for the project was funded by the European Commission with the figure about €9 million (£7.6m). The project was the cooperation between VEDECOM, and Qualcomm who were responsible for installing the source part of the Halo DEVC in the test track. Renault then worked with VEDECOM to install this new technology into the vehicles, and now after the testing process is successful; the Halo technology will soon be handed over to VEDECOM, who takes responsibility for other testing such safety, energy transfer, general operation, and efficiency. The project was first introduced in January 2014 and Qualcomm intends to continue the testing program until the end of the year before the mass application.

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