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Remap Bixby Button On Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

It’s surprising when this year Samsung first introduced a dedicated button on the side of its duo Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ for a new personal assistant. Before we have seen that Sony has had a dedicated button on a number of their flagship smartphones, but that button just took responsibility for camera. However, many enthusiasts could remap this button, and remapping button itself has been easily done on Android since the inception. So you don’t use the Bixby button on your S8 or S8+ smartphone, then at least there is an option to remap it.

Yesterday, there is a video on YouTube video, showing that the person could easily install the All in one Gestures app to remap the Bixby button. This allows launching Google Assistant instead of the Bixby assistant as normal. Initially, Samsung gave a restriction in the form of lack of options, which meant that you could only use the button for the Bixby assistant. But if you wanted something else, then you can install an app that helps you remap it. However, this did not last long, as Samsung rolled out an OTA update to fix this remapping functionality. It is now still possible, but when you update your S8 or S8+, the OTA update absolutely kill the third party service working with the Bixby button.

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However, if your Samsung Galaxy S8/s8+ have been rooted, then you can manually remap this button to a number of options as your hobby. There is already a root tutorial for Galaxy S8 and S8+ released by a XDA Senior Member that detailed how it’s done. After the successful root, you can make a modification by editing the Generic.kl file located in the /system/usr/keylayout directory. The numbers of options you can do with the Bixby button, including Google Assistant, launching the camera, launching music player, replacing power button , home button, volume buttons, home button, more.

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