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Samsung Launches Samsung Pay Mini in India

Along with the launch of Samsung Galaxy J7 Max today, Samsung also announced the Mini-variant of Samsung Pay pre-installed on the new smartphone in India with more value addition to distinguish its devices from other competitors in the entry level as well as mid-range products. The Pay Mini is designed for the affordable smartphones of Samsung, which are not able to get the full functionality of Samsung Pay service. Samsung Pay Mini will support the smartphones with an HD or higher resolution display and Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher version.

Samsung Pay Mini comes with a platform for UPI and e-wallet solutions. The Indian Government launched Unified Payments Interface (UPI) payment system, which allows transferring between two bank accounts just by using a smartphone (for feature phones are USSD code). The service is quite different from Samsung Pay as it does not have the great functionality of the Samsung Pay service: MST swipe to pay. Because Pay Mini is only meant for Samsung devices, which do not meet the hardware for MST usage, the regular swiping machines do not work for offline payments.

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However, Samsung Pay Mini will need a lot time to be popular Indian market. The convenience of the UPI platform is the reason why other banking as well as e-wallet solutions choose this service, which makes Samsung Pay Mini difficult from the get-go. Moreover, Samsung Pay Mini also does not support its own ‘wallet’ which is very common on other e-wallet services, thus making Samsung hard to take steps into a market that is already dominated by popular services like PayTM and several others. UPI can also work standalone, so there is a small chance that Samsung Pay Mini is offering for now.


Samsung’s new payment method currently appears on the new Galaxy J7 Max, but it will be available on the existing J-series devices in the coming time.

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