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Samsung rolls out a value pack update for the Gear S3

There have been an intense competition among big names in smartwatch market. Apple is now dominating the market thanks to its mighty Apple Watch, but Samsung still has its own ground in the industry. The Samsung Gear S3 is now one of the most desired smartwatches out there. The wearable device features IP68 for water resistance, GPS and hear rate sensors. Samsung has been rolling out updates for its Gear smartwatches to enhance user experience.

Samsung has just released the new value pack update for the Gear S3 smartwatches. Basically, the update brings big improvements to performance and apps that add up to a much better user experience.

The biggest change is probably coming to Samsung Health. Basically, the Samsung Health app now allows you to view how much time you have spent in each heart rate zone. Besides, there is also a Stretching Guide feature which will be activated when you run through 50 minutes of inactivity.

With the value pack update, the Reminder app has seen a big improvement. The app now can work better with S Voice and includes the ability to remind you to do your tasks at a certain time. Samsung says that the new feature will hit the second generation Gear S2 smartwatches as well. The new update also brings some changes to the Accessibility feature on the smartwatch. Samsung’s smartwatch now offers more options to change the device’s display.

Find My Gear feature is now much better. The feature now allows you remotely lock your smartwatch if you happen to misplace it. Besides, you can add your contact info including your name, address and phone number to the device’s display in case of emergency. According to Samsung, the value pack update will be available for download through the Samsung Gear App.

For some background, Samsung Gear s3 is now available in two models: the Classic and the Frontier. The device runs Samsung’s own Tizen OS and offers a variety of connectivity options. If you now own a Samsung Gear S3, you now can get the update now.

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