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Snapchat Now Requires Location Services For All Filters

According to the reports from some users, Snapchat will now require Location Services for all basic filters. The change was seemingly added in the latest client-side update of Snapchat rolled out on the Google Play Store last week, and the app will access the user’s location even when they aren’t using Geofilters or Speedometer. Although there was a confirmation about the limited testing of the service on Monday, until now the company has yet to have any comment on the matter.

However, Snapchat’s new requests can still be prevented by disabling the Location Services of the app in the Settings menu on your device. Disabling its authorization to use the geographical location on your device will help filters work as normal that seemingly means that the app’s requirement to access a user’s location data for basic filters can only be a bug instead of an intended feature. The regular filters are usually used for making color adjustments and makes minor changes to photos and don’t depend on the location data to function. This issue of the Snapchat currently occurs with users running the build version, while the 10.9.3 beta version works very well, which is another indication that the Location Services request is just a bug and it will be eliminated in the coming update.

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Snapchat has been working hard on its Android app in an effort to enhance the performance as well as expand the user acquisition rates that have been mostly relying on the Apple iOS ecosystem. According to the latest new, the Californian social media giant has recently rebranded as “a camera company,” with the aim to developing innovative hardware to enhance with unique software. This ambition will initially start with the Spectacles, a pair of connected glasses used for sending snaps. Although it’s unclear whether the company’s recent business strategy announced to make profit in the long term, an update on its performance will follow soon.

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