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The Common Problems On iOS 11

Apple rolled the first beta version of iOS yesterday at the WDC Keynote event for the 64-bit iOS devices. This release is just aimed at giving developers the chance to start updating their app for the next version of the OS when it officially drops this September.

However, as this is the first beta, so comes with a range of bugs and stability issues. If you are intending to update your iPhone/iPad to iOS 11, here are some bugs you should note to help you decide if this developer beta version will be worth using.

Bugs Found on iOS 11

  • Auto brightness does not work on the iPhone.
  • Launching third-party apps needs longer time than usual.
  • The ‘Clear All’ button disappears in the notification center when swiping down from the home screen.
  • Sharing functionality in the Messages app currently gets crashed.
  • The new app drawer in Messages app does not allow disabling apps.
  • The App Store icon in previous version still appears in the Settings menu.
  • Ad-blockers does not work in Safari browser.
  • The Music widget from the lock screen cannot automatically update.
  • Switching to the FaceTime camera in the Camera app is crashed.
  • Manually kill the App Store to receive app updates.
  • The Dock covering the Night Shift is automatically toggled in landscape mode on iPad.
  • 3D Touch functionality is not working in the App Switcher.
  • Messages to the Cloud feature needs a few tries to work properly.

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  • Restoring data from an iCloud backup sometimes does not work as it cannot show up any backup for the first time around.
  • Bluetooth in Control Center shows the off mode though it’ already turned on
  • The Feedback app does not also work properly.
  • The Phone app makes the device frozen while on the call.
  • Third-party keyboard apps get crashing on iOS 11

iOS 11 brings a great change but the first iOS 11 developer beta still exists a lot of issues relating to performance. iPhone 7 and iPad Pro users even say that they feel the operations on their device are very slow. Apple will fix the majority of the bugs in the next updates before the public  iOS version rolled out in September.

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