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YouTube Music Experimenting Bottom Navigation In Its Android App

The YouTube Music is being tested a new navigation to move everything towards the bottom of the app. Instead of placing the three tabs at the top of the app as it currently, this is being tested to move the navigation to the bottom, from the top of the app. Google is trying to apply changes like this to different apps, so some of these changes will come to the users in the coming time everyone.

In the next update of YouTube Music, when launching the app, the top section will be much leaner, and you won’t see the slideout menu on the left anymore. A YouTube Music icon appears in the left corner, along with Chromecast, search bar and account settings on the right side. All of the features from the slideout menu will be placed under that account settings icon. Home, Trending and Liked are all moved to the bottom of the app. There is also an addition to text, which makes it easier to figure out. The rest of the app also seems to be receiving some minor tweaks in terms of design, but it’s not too much.

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Because almost of users don’t care much about this change, the update will just for minor of them . Therefore, it’s hard to know how many users will join in the testing group for this update and it’s also difficult to say when this update will be rolled out for the public. However, it’s possible that this update will be slightly changed before reaching to the YouTube Music app users.

The new testing design is quite similar to the design of Google’s other apps, even including YouTube as the navigation is all at the top. The bottom-navigation bar is typically seen on iOS apps, and those might be ported over to Android. However, it’s just a guess and Google is trying to implement across the platform.

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